Quickly-bonding powder grey  color

Quickly-bonding powder grey color

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Bonding powder almost anything. Splendor Bonding powder can be used just as an adhesive or with reinforcing powders that will allow you to repair almost anything.
Repairs almost anything from toys,PVC’s,and tools ,automotive&many more.
The Powder to repair Bumper, Grilles, Radiators, Motorcycle Fairings, Electrical Switches, Door Handles, Distributor caps and so much more.
1.Rapid solidification
2.Strong cohesive force
3.Widely usage.
4.Easy to use
1.Ensure that the paint is removed and that the surface is clean, dry and roughened.
2.Apply powder to area being repaired and then drip Goodfo-Bond onto the powder, making sure
  that the bottle and/or applicator doesn’t touch the powder.
To replace fill missing parts, place tape underneath the gap, fill with powder and apply Goodfo-Bond super glue. Remove the tape after Goodfo-Bond hardens.
4.Don’t cut the bottle open, pierce with the pin supplied and seal after use.
The chemical reaction caused by the powder and glue could burn skin.
Keep out of the reach of children.
1 x 10ml Adhesive 
1 x 10ml Grey Powder